Monday, April 01, 2013

New from Shearsman Press: Work by Rochelle Owens and George Economou

Readers who wish an overview of avant-garde and forward-thinking poet and playwright Rochelle Owens can how read Out of Ur: New and Selected Poems, 1961-2012

It has long been my contention that someone should write a biography of Rochelle, which would provide insights into the shifting zeitgeist of times marked by disruptive change and profound epistemological (as well as existential) insecurity. Her poems reflect energy even as they energize.  

George Economou, medieval scholar, poet, translator, and scholar, brings both gravitas and humor to his work on the revolutionary and controversial poet, C. P. Cavafy, whose work challenges assumptions about form, language, and ambiguity.

Economou's translations of C. P. Cavafy, collected in C. P. Cavafy: Complete Plus, bring a lifetime of experience, thoughtful meditation, and scholarly research to the often art of translating Cavafy's layered and emotionally multi-tonal work.