Sunday, January 22, 2006

Have Courage. Lonelyhearts Pawn Shop. Week 2.


I had a very interesting customer yesterday. She came into Queenly Pawn with a box of jewelry she had designed herself. Each piece of jewelry was in the shape of a cat, and each cat had its claws out.

Why are the cats showing their claws? I asked? It's a warning!

I took a closer look at her. She had dark, straight hair, was slender and seemed quite vulnerable, like a ballerina. Did she feel she had to arm herself with symbols of power and danger? Was it a reminder to herself that she could defend herself if she needed to? I will ask her the next time she comes in.

Queenly Pawn attracts an intriguing clientele.

Remember, you're stronger than you may think.

Ask a stranger to choose a number between 1 and 6. This is your fate for the week.

The journey is long and hard, the legs stretch out and run far ahead of your mind. You feel an affirmation or an "on" switch for something vigorous, life-changing, but absolutely dangerous. Believe in yourself, and the truth are seeking will be revealed to you. Lies will rip themselves in two like rotted cloth. You are scientific in your decision-making: cold, hard, but good. Remember that you are driven by the desire to help humanity. Just do not try to usurp your higher power.

Today may frighten you but you'll eventually overcome your superstitious sense of foreboding. You are reading things today and they make sense. Paragraphs, phrases, words, ink - they are all mirrors of your inner self. You are not ambitious in the conventional sense: you simply want to think that your existence meant something. Your skin soaks up the smell of wonderment. Your hair curls at the absurdity of it all. Think. Act. Then think again. Your words are incredibly powerful.

The mirror image of an eel is not an eel at all. It is a shape, stretched out beyond all hope of reformation, or a color, diluted to a hue the eye can endure. Our cognizance of risk keeps us in dark, underwater caves. At least this is where we're tempted to stay when we want more than we can have. The dark, secret cave is safe. The loft asks for the ability to spread one's wings and fly. The moray eel is required by its destiny to split its time between dark, secret underwater caves and the mind's bright soaring.

Believe in yourself today. Belief takes the miracle and translates into what's needed. We make our way through the debris of reason. I know our family must think of survival, but we realize very quickly that the body survives even when the heart does not. We are inspired by unity. And so, your refusal to say negative things about other people allowed you to become a part of the group, and to feel the strength and encouragement of each person. Believe. Trust. Give a gift to someone today. Give from the heart. Forever goes by in the blink of an eye.

You can learn about yourself today if you contemplate the people around you who are vulnerable. Try to identify with someone who feels fear. Imagine their situations. Understanding one's own psychological history is important - perhaps that will explain the agents of change and emotional attachment. You want, simply, a place to relax. What was perhaps most troubling is the falseness of our perceptions. If you let yourself step beyond the barriers you have been building for yourself, you will go far. You will feel true joy today.

The seasons are changing. Despair makes you wear a mask. You look so much better without it! Suppose we gave up the speckles, indentations, and cracks that make our smiles concrete. From a distance, every woman looks like a clinical psychologist. Up close, everything is something like the dog's blanket - frayed, smelly, and trampled. We are both aware of that life is a series of causes and effects. Only some of us continue to substitute effect for cause. If the seasons are changing, so are you. It gives you a way to say good-bye.